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Prospects for the development of rubber auxiliaries

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Rubber auxiliaries are the important auxiliary materials for the rubber industry. According to the statistical data of the international authority, we can see that at present China has become one of the major rubber consuming countries in the world. The annual consumption of rubber accounts for 21% of the total global consumption. The tire industry occupies a dominant position in the rubber industry, with the rapid development of the automobile industry. With China as a global tire production base, especially the large-scale production of high-performance radial tire, China's rubber additives ushered in a good opportunity for development. It can be predicted that rubber auxiliaries in China will become another important fine chemical industry after the dyeing and pigment industry in the world market. Although the rubber auxiliaries industry in China has shown good prospects for development, there is still a certain gap between the rapid development of the foreign developed countries and the regional and domestic tire industry. The rubber auxiliaries industry needs to be bigger and more heavy and a long way to speed up the development of the auxiliaries industry, and it is urgent to be promoted to meet the domestic automobile. And the development needs of the tire industry.

First of all, production capacity and output must increase substantially. The two is the acceleration of global integration of rubber additives industry. Three, the adjustment of the product structure is accelerated. Four, the rubber processing auxiliaries are paid attention to. In particular, many joint and sole proprietorship industries have produced a variety of series of rubber processing auxiliaries in China. To some extent, the production and development of domestic processing auxiliaries are promoted. Therefore, the domestic rubber processing auxiliaries accelerate the development and production step, gradually showing the diversification and high performance.

Compared with developed countries, rubber auxiliaries and intermediates in China have little difference in product quality and scale, mainly in the backward production technology and serious environmental pollution. In twenty-first Century, it is a green environmental century. With the increasing environmental cost and pressure, the cleanliness of production process will be the key to the future competition. At present, domestic rubber additives and intermediates should speed up the development and application of the following clean processes and the construction of new technology installations.

As a category of fine chemical industry, the rubber auxiliaries industry is different from other fine chemical fields, and the varieties are relatively concentrated, the development and application of new varieties are slow. Therefore, the domestic rubber auxiliaries to increase investment funds and manpower to carry out the technical promotion of these two products has been no one's time, should arouse the high attention of domestic enterprises.

At present, one of the important directions of the development of the global polymer additives is the compound and masterbatch of the products, and the compound granulation of rubber additives can reduce the environmental pollution, facilitate the use of the rubber processing industry and improve the quality of the products. In recent years, after entering China, the advantages of compound pre dispersed rubber additives in China have gradually been recognized and accepted by Chinese enterprises. In addition, multiple radial tire production lines have been introduced in China. All these production lines require the use of composite pre dispersed rubber additive masterbatch. Therefore, the compound granulated rubber additives have become the trend of application in the industry. Potential. It is of great practical and social significance to accelerate the compound and granulation of rubber auxiliaries. One is to promote the overall upgrading of the rubber auxiliaries in China and to improve the technical content and the international integration. Two is to break the monopoly state of the Chinese market, reduce the high price determined by the foreign businessmen and promote the processing of rubber in China. The three is to improve the quality of China's rubber products, to improve the operating environment, to optimize the production process and to save energy. Four, to accelerate the green process of China's rubber auxiliaries and processing industry, and to promote the sustainable development of the rubber processing industry.

With the rapid development of China's automobile industry, the rubber and rubber auxiliaries in our country have an excellent development opportunity. After years of production and improvement, the rubber auxiliaries industry in our country has a considerable industrial base, and the rubber auxiliaries are not very fine studies in the field of fine chemicals as the added value and technical content are not very high. As long as we speed up the technology, In spite of the gap between the key products and the technology, it is expected that the rubber auxiliaries industry will be the main producer and supplier in the world in the next five to ten years.

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