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Mr. Yan Zhongqing - Chief Engineer and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) 

Graduated from Chemical Engineering Department of Tsinghua University. A Second Prize winner of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award. A winner of Scientific and Technological Progress Award issued by Ministry of Chemical Industry. He has also won many other ministerial and provincial-level awards. He was awarded allowance by the State Council. He worked as the team leader of several National Key Projects of China’s Seventh and Eighth Five-year Plans. Mr. Yan is a professor level senior engineer and one of the founders of Cobalt Salt made in China. 

Mr. Wang Xinman - Process Technology Director

A senior professor from Chaoyang Normal College and senior engineer of Chemical Engineering and Process. Professor Wang has participated in a number of city and provincial level scientific and technological projects such as Liaoning Province IP Office patents conversion special fund projects, Liaoning Province small and medium-sized enterprises technology innovation projects, Liaoning Province scientific and technological plan projects and so on. Professor Wang is a holder of two National Invention Patents and two National Utility Model Patents. 

Mr. Li Wei - Head of Technology Department 

Graduated from Applied Chemistry Department of Shenyang University of Chemical Technology. Mr. Li has participated in a number of our company’s scientific researching and reporting projects such as Liaoning province technology innovation project, Liaoning province technology direct investment fund project, Chaoyang city technology innovation competition and so on. He has published tens of theses on national and provincial level professional technological journals and made tremendous contribution to chemistry industry.

Mr. Tang Jinhui - Technician

Graduated from Chemical Engineering and Process program of Liaoning University of Petrochemical Technology. He has committed himself in the improvement of chemical process and participated in a number of our company’s scientific researching and reporting projects.

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